Sporting Clays Tournament

Friday, August 24th, 2018

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Sponsor Form - /sites/default/files/files/2018%20SPORTING%20CLAYS%20SPONSORS%20FORM.pdf

Sponsor Team Registration - /sites/default/files/files/2018%20OCAPL%20SponsorTeam%20Registration%20Form.pdf

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The OCAPL’s annual Sporting Clays Tournament will be held on Friday, August 24, 2018, at Silverleaf Shotgun Sports near Guthrie, OK.  With the continued support of our gracious Sponsors, this event has grown to its capacity and represents one of the region’s premier networking sessions for Landmen. With great appreciation I would like to recognize the following SPONSORS below who have already committed to provide support:

Sco-Jo  Land Resources                 Shells

Munson & McMillin, Attorneys    Mulligan Guns

Texas File                                       Door Prize

Kastner Land Services                   Wrist Bands

Western Land Services                   Eye and Ear Protection

Reagan Resources, Inc                   $$$$$ / Door Prize

MAGIC MULLIGANS are BACK thanks to Munson & McMillin, Attorneys.  A Magic Mulligan is an authorized addition to your score. Each Magic Mulligan also represents a chance in the drawing for an Over/Under shotgun. The more you buy the better your chances and the higher your score.  The goal is to help raise enough money for the Oklahoma Youth Hunting Program, so they can take an additional 35 kids hunting in 2018.  Last year this OCAPL event funded more than 30 new Hunters. Let your heart be your guide, we are not placing limits on your generosity, or your desire to improve your score. 

If your company would like to join these Sponsors, please remember that there are three (3) types of SPONSORSHIP: Event Sponsor, Financial Sponsor and Team Sponsor.  We encourage you to take advantage of all of them, but remember that they are separate and distinct.

Event Sponsor will get your company name on the Sponsor Banner, mention in all printed materials and allows you to distribute marketing materials at the event.  We also encourage the Event Sponsors to send company reps for introduction before each flight. Please find the form attached.

Financial Sponsor this includes all the benefits listed above, without the distribution of marketing materials.

Team Sponsor will have first shot at registration of their 5 shooter team.  One of those shooters can be a guest. This is the only option for including a non-OCAPL member to your team. Registration forms for Sponsored teams are also attached.  They are due on or before JULY 16TH. 

Please Note: That Team Registration Forms will be accepted by MAIL ONLY and must include your check.  Team Registration Entry Forms will be numbered as they are received in the mail.  Requested flight shooting times will be assigned according to the order they are received in the mail.  Please realize that each Flight can only accommodate a limited number of teams (Flights 1 and 2 tend to fill up fast).

All shooters are eligible for all door prizes. Only the Mulligans require a special purchase.

Please act now to secure your position.

THANK YOU for all that you continue to do for the OCAPL Sporting Clay Tournament.

Shannon Reed, Sporting Clays Committee